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We are paralegals, writers, and experts headquartered in Bakersfield, California.  We provide paralegal, legal writing, expert witness assistance, and related services in Kern County and throughout California with an emphasis on assisting attorneys who help the accused. Highly qualified attorneys make use of highly qualified paralegals and other support people, such as us.  We are not just a document preparation service, licensed to practice as Legal Document Assistants, we also have translators, investigators, experts, and other professionals available to provide litigation support.  We regularly provide services to around a dozen attorneys in Bakersfield, and we provide paralegal services to more than a hundred additional attorneys throughout California on a more sporadic basis.  Our emphasis is on criminal defense, but we have paralegals skilled in family law, guardianship, civil suits, evictions, and multiple other areas of law.  We also assist with inmate services in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County, including services such as taking inmate statements, deliveries to inmates, trial clothes, and jail weddings.  In between assisting clients, we research books and organize free legal help seminars.  Look at our services page for a more complete list of what we do.

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New Stuff! 

On February 1, 2021 we created a webpage to help registered sex offenders obtain relief from registration in limited circumstances.  There have been multiple changes to sex registration laws, and many registrations can now obtain relief and end sex offender registration if the original offense was minor and sufficient time has passed.  For more information, visit



On January 17, 2021 we uploaded Criminal Defense Motions in Limine Packages.  Collections of criminal defense motions in limine (trial motions) are now available in packages by subject.  The motions are for use during trial.  Click the graphic above to visit the Motions in Limine Packages page and see the packages of essential motions in limine.


On January 16, 2021 we uploaded Pleading Packages.  Criminal defense motions are now available in packages by subject: Discovery, Dismissals, Sanctions, Procedural Motions, Third Party Motions, Motions for Defense Funds, Pleadings Related to Pleas, and Pleadings for Use After Conviction.  The motions are for use before trial or for plea and sentencing.  Information about criminal defense trial motions, known as motions in limine, can be found in our books or on our in limine page.  Click the graphic above to visit the Pleading Packages page and see the packages of essential criminal defense motions.**********


On December 15, 2020 our California Bar approved MCLE course, Defense Experts, Assembling a “Defense Team Without Reducing Your Fee” was uploaded to our sister site  The course is free and qualifies for one Mandatory Continuing Legal Education credit.  Click here for the course.



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