Rates for Litigants Representing Themselves
(Rates for attorney are at the bottom of the page)

Criminal Matters

$350    Sealing Order, Petition to Dismiss, Petition to Reduce Charges, etc. – First case. $150 Each additional case
$350    Quash restraining order


Will Package

$350    Includes California Statutory Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive with notarization and witnesses


Instructions for making payments can be found here

If you need other types of paralegal work, we are happy to send you to our friends.  We work with paralegals who specialize in multiple other areas of the law:

Rates for Attorneys and Court Appointed Cases

The following are the suggested rates.  We don’t send invoices except for court appointed cases, so we rely on the attorneys to pay a fair rate.


  1. Per page to review transcripts, police reports, etc. and recommend a course of action


  1. Notice of Appeal – No Probable Cause
  2. Single Standard Motion in Limine (or total in limine greater than 20)
  3. Re-file Motion
  4. Joinder
  5. Authorize Prison Visits


  1. Suppress – No Warrant
  2. Continuance
  3. New Motions Date
  4. Removal Order
  5. Resume Bail
  6. Bail Source
  7. Informal Discovery
  8. Hourly rate for bulk jail call review and bookmark


  1. Investigator / Expert Request
  2. Notice of Appeal – with probable cause
  3. Discovery – Standard
  4. Stipulation
  5. Serve and file (City Attorney, County Building)
  6. Informal Discovery
  7. Oppose Consolidation
  8. Bail
  9. Suppress (non-standard, no detail)
  10. Romero
  11. Correct Sentence
  12. Recall Sentence
  13. Expunge
  14. Modify Probation


  1. Dismiss or Sanction (Delay, No crime in officer’s presence, Limitations, Trombetta)
  2. Special Limine Motions (Prior Convictions, Separate Trials, Co-Def Statements, Specialized)
  3. Discover (Informant, Specific information from reports, Luttenberger, Hobbs, etc.)
  4. Return Property
  5. Withdraw Plea (jail visit not included)
  6. Ex Parte
  7. Special Jury Instruction- Research and Prepare, per instruction


  1. Hourly rate as Social Media Expert
  2. Hourly rate as Computer Expert


  1. 995 (100 pages or fewer TX)
  2. Demurrer (per count)
  3. Pitchess
  4. Serve and file (Sheriff or up to two local attorneys)
  5. Order Shortening Time and service of motion
  6. Suppression with case analysis sheet
  7. Statement in Mitigation
  8. Hourly rate for Kern County paralegal appointments


  1. Unseal Juvenile Record
  2. Jail Visit


  1. Flat rate special jury instructions packet (no LWOP or capital)


  1. Flat rate in limine packet (no LWOP or capital)


  1. Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation
  2. Lerdo wedding (includes preparation of motion, client visits, clerk visits, etc.)

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