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Coronavirus: Yes, we’re still working, but most services are over the phone and through e-mail. Meetings are by appointment only.

What’s new?  We are working on an MCLE course about Defense Experts.


Paralegal and related services in Bakersfield and throughout California with an emphasis on assisting attorneys who help the accused.

Highly qualified attorneys make use of highly qualified paralegals and other support people, such as us.  We regularly provide paralegal services to around a dozen attorneys in Bakersfield, and we provide paralegal services to more than a hundred additional attorneys throughout California on a more sporadic basis.  Our emphasis is on criminal defense, but we have paralegals skilled in family law, guardianship, civil suits, and multiple other areas of law.  We also assist with inmate services in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County, including services such as taking inmate statements, deliveries to inmates, trial clothes, and jail weddings.  In between assisting clients, we research books and organize free legal help seminars.  Look at our services page for a more complete list of what we do.

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