Handbook for the Accused, Second Edition

A person accused of a crime in California often faces three prosecutors: the district attorney, the court, and his own attorney. Heavy caseloads and too few resources force many attorneys to seek quick plea bargains with little interest in actually defending their clients. This guide is meant to help the accused avoid becoming a victim of the California Plea Machine by teaching how to help your attorney help you prepare a defense instead of simply preparing to plead guilty. This Second Edition contains new sections about Bail and about Immigration Consequences. As with the first edition, the book also contains sample pleadings by some of the best criminal defense attorneys.

Amazon will ship directly to inmates, but you can read the book along with additional pleadings and information using the links below.

Title Pages

Table of Contents

A. Acknowledgments

B. Introduction

C. Important Terms

D. Answers to Bail Questions

E. Order of Hearings

F. Help Your Attorney

G. Replace Your Attorney

H. Immigration Consequences

I. Motions Before Trial

J. Sample Motions Before Trial

1. Continuance
2. Compel Discovery 
3. Bail
4. Lineup
5. Suppress
6. Set Aside the Information
7. Recall Warrant
8. Pitchess
9. Withdraw Plea
10. Prohibit Restrictions on Right to Counsel
11. Traverse
12. Disclose Informant
13. Unseal Affidavit (Hitch Motion)
14. Enforce Agreement
15. Sanctions (Trombetta Motion)
16. Dismiss for Speedy Trial Violation
17. Dismiss for Delay in Prosecution
18. Set Motions Date
19. Joinder
20. Substitute Counsel (Marsden)

K. Ex parte pleadings 

L. Sample ex parte pleadings

1. Order Shortening Time
2. Removal Order – A sample removal order is no longer provided because different courts use different procedures and forms.
3. Motion to Appoint Expert
4. Motion to Appoint Paralegal

M. Trial (in limine) motions

N. Sample trial (in limine) motions – Handbook for the Accused only contains three motions in limine, so this links to a much larger collection.

O. Objections

P. Sample Letters

Q. Select Legal Authorities

R. About the Authors