A.    Acknowledgments

Many of the pleadings in this book are simplified versions of pleadings filed in the various California Courts.  Others were created based on specific statutes or case law, and still others were taken from ideas discussed by members of the legal community.  Some of the pleadings, such as the Motion in Limine to Federalize Objections, have been filed in many different forms by many different attorneys in many different cases.  As such, the original source of much of this material is unknown and full credit to the original authors cannot be given.  Nonetheless, we will attempt to do so here.

Pleadings and ideas for pleadings have been gleaned from many fine attorneys, including Bill Slocumb, Andrew Fishkin, David Faulkner, Larry Fields, Elliot Magnus, Joe Whittington, and Richard Jackson.

Special thanks to proofreader Haily Steinhilber.

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