This week’s Cool Stuff theme: Self Improvement

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I’m a big fan of Roger Dawson and a big fan of audiobooks, so this is my first choice in the Self Improvement List. Whenever I’m alone in the car, I like to listen to a self-improvement book, and this is a great one.

Grant Cardone is LOUD, but I still like what he has to say. This is a link to the paper book, but I suggest the audio version, which is just a click away.

The authors of this next book somewhat skim over a fundamental rule well-known to math geeks – correlation does not imply causation. Still, I really like this book and the interesting correlation between events.

So, why is a guy who is too fat recommending a diet book? Because it works. The low carb diet helped me quickly lose weight. Unfortunately, once off the diet I quickly found the lost weight hiding in lasagna, Chinese food, and French fries.

If you go for the Atkins diet, get a few of the special foods, like these.

How can you know for sure that your diet is working? Use Keto strips to test. I’m not a medical doctor so I won’t even try to explain the whole fat to ketone process, but if the keto strip turns purple, it means your body is burning fat.

Improve your body with exercise!  I really like my recumbent bicycle. It lets me ride until I’m tired without getting squished in the nether regions. If my family reads this they will lament that I haven’t been riding lately, but I live in Bakersfield, and it is HOT. The exact model I bought doesn’t appear to be listed for sale on Amazon. My bicycle has two wheels (hence the word bicycle), but most of the alternatives are actually tricycles (which are much easier to balance) and some are WAY less expensive.  If there are two wheels in the front, it may look funny, but it is much more stable and much easier to ride.


Last on the list of self-improvement is shameless self-promotion.  If you have an old criminal conviction, check out Proposition 47, Penal Code 1203.4 and other forms of post-conviction relief.  You may be able to have your conviction reduced to a misdemeanor or even dismissed.  Give me a call if you want help with the paperwork, come to a free legal help seminar, or use a kit to do it yourself  Is your credit bad?  I can also help with the paperwork to request credit repair.